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The South African Jewish Community has a long, proud and meaningful history of support for Israel and for the well-being of the local Jewish community. Despite our small numbers, the community continues to show its support of Zionism and for the security of our vibrant community.

Our community has faced many challenges in recent years and despite this the IUA-UCF Gauteng has successfully met its obligations to its local beneficiaries as well as providing sponsorship in supporting special projects in Israel. Through our many exciting activities, including Missions to Israel, Gala Dinners, Cocktail Parties, Golf Days, Comedy Evenings, Art Exhibitions and Auctions we have been able to continue to support Jewish life, strengthen Jewish identity and fortify the fabric of Israeli society. 

Who we are:

The IUA-UCF works tirelessly to ensure that the Jewish community in South Africa remains connected to Israel and is fairly represented within the greater South African socio-political landscape.

The IUA-UCF functions behind the scenes of these important Jewish organisations:

The SAJBD, SAZF, SAUJS and their affiliate organisations.

  • SAJBD is the umbrella representative spokesbody and civil rights lobby of the SA Jewish community.
  • SAZF proudly embraces the role of being the South African Jewish community’s connection to Israel.
  • Israel Centre is committed to strengthening the connection between the South African Jewish community and the State of Israel, which is achieved through our various programmes.
  • South African Friends of Israel (SAFI) a flagship initiative of the SAZF, was established to go out and evaluate the possibility of engaging with other faith, cultural and ethnic groups in the interests of building a broader grass roots support base for Israel in South Africa. 
  • SAUJS provides a dynamic vehicle through which Jewish university students can proudly explore and express their Jewish identity.