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The renowned sage Honi Hama’agel was walking along when he saw an elderly Jew planting a carob tree. “How many years will it be until this tree bears fruit?” Honi asked. “Seventy years” responded the man.

“Are you certain that you will live for another seventy years and will be able to enjoy the fruit?” Honi questioned.

The man said, “I found the world full of carob trees- and just as my fathers planted for me, so I will plant for my children and grandchildren.”

Babylonian Talmud, Tactate Ta’anit.

This story gives expression to one of the most deeply-rooted Jewish values – planning for and securing the future of the next generation.

It is goal of the Legacy for Life Division to give our donors the opportunity to not only ensure the financial security of their loved ones but also the chance to pass on a legacy that perpetuates precious Jewish values. By making a bequest that will assure the continuity and security of our local community and the strength and future of the State of Israel you are ensuring your values will be a gift that will last forever and will shed your light on future generations.

During 2012 a number of newsletters and brochures were sent out and we received very positive feedback and a good response to our special appeals. A number of generous bequests were received that benefited our beneficiaries both locally and in Israel.

Every year on Shavuot, Keren Hayesod and the IUA-UCF remembers its deceased Legacy donors in a special ceremony at Jerusalem Great Synagogue. The names of the Legacy donors are read during the Yizkor prayer, along with the names of Israel’s deceased presidents and prime ministers, in a solemn and moving service. The names of all deceased Legacy donors are also inscribed in a beautifully designed Yizkor megila and sent to the families of the deceased.

It is our hope that this year the Legacy for Life Division will go from strength to strength.

We wish all our donors a healthy and successful 2016!

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