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Israel United Appeal
The IUA supports Israel through the following beneficiraries:

The South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) has connected hundreds of South Africans to Israel through its various programmes and affiliate organisations. It brings Israel’s history, politics, culture, technology, medical and other innovations to the attention of the community.

  • Work with the Israeli Embassy and Zionist Youth Movements.
  • Year-end machanot for Jewish youth.
  • Media Team – turn the tide of hostility anti-Israel invectives in publication.
  • Establishing meaningful ties between South Africa and Israel.
  • Reducing anti-Israel sentiment in South Africa through education, advocacy and lobbying.

Visit the SAZF website for more information



The Israel Centre focuses on strengthening the bond between the South African Jewish community and Israel through:

  • Youth movements
  • Zionist Caravans
  • Expos
  • Israel tours
  • Media centre

Visit the Israel Centre website for more information