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Israel United Appeal

The challenges facing the State of Israel as it enters the 2nd decade of the 21st century are great, even daunting.

The State of Israel asks that world Jewry stand together with the people of Israel and revitalize efforts to reinforce and enhance Israel, our common Jewish homeland.

The IUA support Israel through the following beneficiaries:


Keren Hayesod started as the financial instrument of the Zionist movement until the birth of the State.
Today Keren Hayesod focuses on financing immigration and immigrant absorption as well as fundraising for Jewish Agency operations. Some of the many projects offered by Keren Hayesod include:

Choosing Tomorrow – Young Communities
Choosing Tomorrow is an intensive two-year program designed to encourage young graduates of academic institutions in the Negev and the Galilee to remain in the periphery. It encompasses a community training program, study scholarships, mentoring, and assistance in finding employment and integrating into a young community in the region.

Lone Immigrant Soldiers Support Program
The program includes employment testing, individual coaching, financial counseling and a pre-discharge seminar and workshop, as well as a grant that can be used for higher education, books, rent, or for home furnishings.

Amigour Sheltered Housing for the Elderly
Subsidized housing facilities throughout Israel for indigent elderly residents, primarily new immigrants. Visit the Keren Hayasod website for more information.

The Israel Centre focuses on strengthening the bond between the South African Jewish community and Israel through:

Youth movements

Zionist Caravans


Israel tours

Media centre

Visit the Israel Centre website for more information.

The SAZF brings Israel’s history, politics, culture, technology, medical and other innovations to the attention of the community.

They work with the Israeli Embassy and Zionist Youth Movements

Year-end machanot for Jewish youth

Media Team – turn the tide of hostility anti-Israel invectives in publication

Visit the SAZF website for more information

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